All about Rumi Songs… well a little bit about them anyway

Unjay is a teacher, musician and sound balance engineer living in Semaphore

Pygmy Furball


Rumi Songs: a day in the Two Worlds is an album I wrote and recorded featuring the poetry of Rumi as interpreted in the English versions assembled by Coleman Barks. I have further adapted Coleman’s writing to fit with my own vision of the album; so we cannot say these are the most accurate translations of Rumi’s work. However I offer them in good faith, and trust that Rumi’s inspiration shines through across cultures, languages and the centuries.

I wanted to present the poems in a way which showed that a Sufi poet working in Iran and Afghanistan in mediaeval times still experienced both the transcendent and the everyday the same as we do now in the Western world.

There is no room for fear of the other. This is what creates war and unneccesary tragedy. We need to see the same human experience in faces of any culture, colour, place, or indeed time.

I hope my offering contributes to this understanding.

The album is available on iTunes.

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